Permaculture Design

Off Grid Living

Livestock Management 

Irrigation Planning

Vermiculture Design

Garden Design

Off Grid Power Options

VAWT and Solar Powered Systems

 Building with Found Items

Cob Project Campus Leaders

Ruth Nichols

Campus Founder & Director

A Variety of Experience:

Our Pledge

"We here at CPC pledge to help teach hands on building skills... even if you don't know which end of the screwdriver to use." The Cob Project Campus mission is simple: to help people improve their knowledge and design capabilities; to design edible landscapes that preserve and protect nature; to encourage those that are ready to make the leap to living this way but don't have a clear idea how; to relay an environment that is in harmony with our planet's natural growing systems and our natural human hearts.

The Bottom Line

Nate and Ruth donate a huge amount of their earned money and free time to this project. They want people to get involved and are offering their land and their resources for the community's benefit. Get involved! It's well worth it!  Contact them about Volunteering or Teaching

Nathan Schmit


Building with Cob

Integrative Fish Pond/Garden Nutrients Design

Native American Style Sweat Lodge & Spa Site Design

Rocket Mass Heater Stove Design

Off Grid Structure Options

Permeable Hardscape incorporating stones and other natural materials found in nature

Cold-Frame Subterranean Greenhouse Construction